Stylish While Preggo, Part Two (Effortless Style)

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I was thinking back (6 years back) to when I rocked heels and layered a moto jacket over a dress all the while, 8 months pregnant and I remembered how easy it was for me because getting dressed, preggo or not, was the equivalent to a mechanic reassembling an engine---it was my trade. My clients came to me to make their lives--at least when it came to fashion, easier and after a session or two, they were able to master the trade too!

I approach every client the same way and I ask, what are you trying to achieve with your style? Want a new look? Want to learn how to flatter your shape? Want to dress minimal and effortless? Who inspires you?

If you answer yes to all or only one, it doesn't matter because in the end it all leads to your closet---WELL BEFORE we hit the streets to shop! Believe it or not, my wardrobe is small---but MIGHTY! I love every piece I own and everything (ok maybe not everything---like a sequins dress or two) is versatile.

STEP 1: Take the time to purge, and what I truly mean by that is to consign items that you haven't worn in a year and that you avoid every time you go into your closet. Maybe you had sale goggles on one day and are now remorseful, maybe it's an item you are waiting to lose weight to wear, maybe it has sentimental value in which case you should store it and take it out of the closet of wearables----point is, don't torture yourself. Less is best---trust me!

STEP 2: Organize your closet by subfamily; Dresses, pants, shirts, skirts, etc. Visually it is appealing and calming. This will reduce your decision time by half and by doing this you will soon discover items that maybe you have TOO many of, ie. shirts (the easiest item to buy but often purchased on a whim because we resort to "I will wear them with my skinny jeans" in order to justify the purchase and then you realize how often you wear skinny jeans and a shirt...) I digress, let's get back.

STEP 3: Try it on before you buy or make it fly (?) You know what I mean. You may have been avoiding tossing/giving away an article of clothing because it stresses you out when you look at---maybe for reasons mentioned above. Try it---worst case, it looks exactly how you hoped it wouldn't, best case, you are pleasantly surprised and are picturing 5 different ways to wear it. While shopping, only make final decisions if you've made time to try it on---and even if you have no intention to buy the complete look, take advantage of the store's inventory and try it on with items you may have at home to ensure it will work with your wardrobe. The key here is to start considering the items in your closet as a wardrobe---not individual pieces. Ya know?

A quick rule to building a versatile wardrobe is the power of 3: Every item should provide you with 3 outfit options. Every item should be able to be worn during 3 seasons. And every item should hit the THREE MAIN CHECKMARKS: Versatile √ Comfortable √ Flattering √

Keep your style updated by adding a few "current" trendy pieces and check out the shop for the latest must-haves.

Until next time---

Have fun with fashion ;)